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This is our team, 3 happy girls from Hungary who work hard to take Undersea Wear to the next level.

Móni: Co-founder & Director

    - 31 years old 
    - My original profession is accountant, neeever studied fashion 
    - Been on dozens of whale boat trips but never seen any so far 
    - Wife, dog mum, animal and ocean lover 
    - I'm a maximalist 
    - I only watch movies that scores more than 7.0 on IMDB 
    - I love to watch space documentaries 
    - I love the most about my job that there's not one day that is the same
    - I'm super shy and hate being the center of attention

    Dézi: Co-founder & Marketing director, photographer

    - 33 yo
    - I used to work in the fashion industry, hated it so I moved to Australia to live the happy barefoot hippie life
    - Photography has been my biggest passion since age 12
    - Coffee addicted
    - I am super chilled but stupidity can piss me off very quickly
    - Freedive - surf - ocean and animal lover
    - I met my Belgian bf on Instagram (I texted him hehe)
    - My dream is to go to Tahiti (swim with whales) & Antarctica
    - My biggest regrets are my tattoos

    Dorka: Customer care & Administration

    - 23 years old
    - Been following Undersea since 2018
    - Studied International Relations, currently studying Human Ecology - so I can provide daily not-so-fun-facts about the state of the environment, and sustainability - even without request
    - Wrote my bachelor thesis about the fashion industry and sustainability
    - Make up and beauty guru if needed
    - Been a model for a short period, but decided that side of the fashion industry is just not for me
    - Very detail oriented - which can be a blessing and a curse

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