Though it sounds weird, there is a global problem behind it: the islands of rubbish polluting the world oceans – reported Therefore, the premium material for Undersea Bikini is resurrected by volunteer divers, recovering abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste material from the bottom of the seas to bring them into life again in their high-quality swimwear.

Offering quality products and protecting the seas The creators of the label and founders of the company are Móni Tóth (27), and Szandra Szomolányi (29) or Dézi as her partner calls her. They have been friends since their childhood, and they both got their degrees at the Budapest Business School. After that, came the idea of the present business with which the girls found a niche market.

The originality of the Undersea Bikini is that it is not only eco-friendly but it is made of premium material. According to their website, “the premium material is resurrected by volunteer divers, recovering abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste material from the bottom of the seas.” In fact, 640,000 tonnes of such material enter our seas every year and they remain adrift for 500 years. Thus, the more customers buy from them, the less garbage harms animals in the seas.

Furthermore, all their packages are eco-friendly and recycled. Besides, their brand label can be planted and a flower will grow from it – said Móni.

According to her, they travelled a lot together aiming for the peripheries instead of the crowded cities. However, they experienced that even those paradises are full of rubbish. Therefore, they entrenched themselves in environmental protection and the more they dealt with the problem the clearer it became for them that  they have to do something for the solution since these problems affect us all. Since swimwear has strong connections to the seas and the oceans they decided to sell them. From the Canary Islands to Hungary Undersea Bikini is a new enterprise; it started only in spring after a long preparation process. In fact, the cooperation between the girls was very fruitful: Móni was raised in an entrepreneur family, and thus, she had much relevant experience and knowledge while Szandra acquired her degree in PR-marketing and has an outstanding talent in photography. Thus, they did not need much external help.

Interestingly, they did not want to tell the amount of their initial capital, but they emphasised that they are working hard on other projects to be able to reach all of their goals set before. Szandra has been living in the Canary Islands for four years and is now working only for the Undersea Bikini but before she worked for a surfing centre in various positions. Móni is living in Hungary and studies psychology. However, distance is not a problem for them. Indeed, they even managed to hammer it into an advantage. For example, while administration happens in Hungary, the photos are taken on the beautiful beaches of the Canary Islands.

Moreover, they also produce the bikinis in Hungary, in a textile factory in Szolnok, the town where the girls were raised. The raw materials are collected in Italy and shipped to Hungary by the textile factory. 10% goes to the sea turtles Móni and Szandra learned almost everything regarding their business alone. According to them, they wanted all processes to be transparent and controllable. For example, they design the bikinis which mirror their individual style. The price of the sets is between 50-70 EUR, but they can be bought separately, too.

“If we take into consideration that all materials we use are recycled, and these are four times as expensive as the normal commodity we can say that this is a friendly price” – emphasised Szandra. Besides, undersea bikinis are very hard-wearing clothes, so customers do not have to change them yearly. Furthermore, tops can even be worn separately as overwears.

Moreover, if somebody happens to get bored with her bikini, she can send it back, and the company is going to recycle it. In return, they give a 25 pc discount from the next purchase. Additionally, they partnered with Sea Turtle Inc., helping the rehabilitation of the trapped or injured sea turtles. Thus, if somebody buys a Bali Sea piece (top/bottom/set), she supports their hard work with 10% of the price.

The products can only be bought on the Internet, and they already have orders for purchase from Hungary, Germany, Austria, the USA and even Dubai, Denmark, Greece and, Spain. Consequently, they managed to sell 1/3rd of their products before they expected.




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