Finding the perfect swimwear is easier said than done. Many women struggle with body image and not feeling so great in their own skin when they're spending hours in a changing room under harsh lighting, analyzing theirselves in tiny bikinis. That's why it can be easier to turn to online stores, try them on at home and send back what doesn’t work. 

To make swimwear shopping season less stressful and to help you avoid the hassle of returning an item, we rounded up a list of our stylish bikinis that are perfect for every body type, from curvier frames to more athletic bodies.

VENUS TOP: From small boobs to big boobs! The jolly joker bikini top

Draw the focus away from your chest by wearing our fun Venus Top to catch the eye instead. Nobody will notice whether you have small boobs—they'll be busy complimenting this unique, lovely piece. This bikini is perfect for every bust size!

Available from size XS to XL

Color: Black

ROCKWELL TOP: For every sport lover!

This bikini top has the look of your favorite sports bra but is completely pool appropriate.

If you have an athletic body shape, this top is perfect for you! Not to mention that it comes in three different colors to make sure you‘ll find the perfect one for yourself!

Available from size S to L

Colors: Purple, Lime, Striped

MAMITA TOP: From skinny girls to curvy babes!

You shouldn't have to stick to black one-pieces just because you have curves. Show them off! Our popular Mamita Top will flatter your figure without cramping your style. The white version is sure to brighten up your days at the beach too!

This top is perfect for all bust sizes! 

Available from size XS to XL

Colors: Black, White

LOLITA TOP: For every bust size with an extra push up!

If you have a smaller chest, suits with padding will quickly create the illusion of a larger cup size. A good triangle top, like our Lolita gives the appearance of more curves. Bikini tops with push-up detailing are your best kept secret!

Due to the fixed push up padding, this bikini is also a perfect choice for larger breast as well! It gives you enough support to keep things in place plus it gives a nice shape to your chest!

Available from size XS to XL

Colors: Purple, Lime, White

HIGH-CUT BOTTOM: Hiding a tummy or lengthen your legs!

If you have shorter legs, choose a high-cut swimsuit bottom to give the illusion of longer legs! Since you are showing more skin, it will make your gams appear longer.

If you are sensitive for your belly area, then this is the perfect choice to hide any tummy bulge while you look stunning, babe!

Available from size XS to XL

Colors: Black, White, Striped

THONG BOTTOMS: To make your butt look fuller!

Thong bottoms are great for adding shape to bottoms of all sizes! A cheeky fit does exactly what it says. By showing more skin, the high-rise sides give your body an hourglass figure, so your butt looks fuller! Wear it with confidence! 

Available from size XS to XL

Colors: Black, White, Striped, Purple, Lime

REGULAR BOTTOMS: To cover more skin!

A classic regular bikini bottom is your go-to if you want to cover more down there! The mid-rise style hides your love handles so you can still look toned and athletic. It has just the right amount of slutty with its slightly revealing cheeky cut, aka ideal for quality beach Instaposts!

Available from size XS to XL

Colors: Black, White, Purple, Lime

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Bitsy's Bikinis

Bitsy's Bikinis

Thank you for your article. It will definitely help me a lot…

Thank you for your article. It will definitely help me a lot…

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