The perfect swimwear is one that makes you look good and feel good as well! Finding this specific bikini– especially online – can be difficult tho, so we decided to come up with a guide to swimwear shopping that can help you make a splash with a huge smile on your face this summer!

Whether you have larger bust, smaller bust, wide hips, short legs or just wanna hide your tummy, we've got a suit for you!

Small Chest: Finding a bikini that flatters your bust can be a real challenge but don’t let that get you down because you have more options than the curvier ladies! The best tip for a woman with smaller chest is a top with prints or ruffles to give the illusion of a larger chest. Halter tops and tie-front bikini top designs also visually make the bust look bigger, while bandeau styles will make your chest look wider. Alternatively, a suit with padding can help to give you a little somthin' somethin' extra.

The best top for this body type: Lolita Top, Striped Rockwell Top, Venus Top, Ray Top, Manta Top

Large Chest: If you are a woman with larger chest, look out for swimsuits with cup sizes, underwire, thicker, wide stripes, halter neck-style or double-stitched bands under the bust! It will offer you the support you need so your boobs won't be all over the place when you take a dip.

The best top for this body type: Rockwell Top, Mamita Top, Scarlet Top

Wide Shoulders: There are a few things you can do to balance out your body when you’ve got wide shoulders. The best is to go for an asymmetrical, one-shoulder top which will draw the eye up and away, instead of straight across!

The best top for this body type: Jane Top, Kala One-Piece

Pear shaped figure: The pear-shaped figure is the most common female body type. If you are one of these ladies, mix ‘n‘ match is your best friend at the beach or by the pool!

Add volume to your torso with prints, bright and light colours and play down your hips with plain bottoms in solid dark colours. A halterneck bikini top will give the illusion of wider shoulders and a high-waisted bottom will de-emphasise the width of your hips!

The best bikini for this body type: Striped Nikki Top + Black High Cut Bottom, Lime Rockwell Top + Black High Cut Bottom, Striped Rockwell Top + Black High Cut Bottom, Manta Top + Grey Regular Bottom

Apple shape:  If your waist is significantly wider than your hips, and nearly as wide as your bust then you have an apple body shape.

To minimize your stomach and maximize your style choose swimsuits in darker shades, such as black to slim down your body and try to choose high-waisted bottoms to shift the attention from your tummy and make your legs look taller!

The best bikini for this body type: Venus Top + Black High Waisted Bottom, Black Nikki Top + Black High Waisted Bottom, Black Mamita Top + Black Regular Bottom, Kala One-Piece

Compact, Athletic Body: The athletic body shape tends to be straight from top to bottom so the goal here is to give the illusion of more curves, which is easily done with a top with cups, padding, prints and bright colors.

The best top for this body type: Lolita Top, Rockwell Top, Scarlet Top, Toucan Top, Cali Top

Flat Booty: Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with a booty like J.Lo, but that shouldn't be a reason to skip out on quality beach or pool time. Look out for bottoms in bright colors and loud prints to try and distract from a flatter tush. Thong bottoms are great for adding shape to bottoms of all sizes! Wear it with confidence!

The best bottom for this body type: Thong Bottoms

Big Bum: If you have bums like Beyonce, you go girl! However, thongs and high-cut swimsuits can be uncomfortable and a bit too revealing. You'll need a suit with enough fabric in that area so you’re not constantly tugging for more coverage or picking a wedgie. You should try out our regular bottoms that are designed to hug your curves and give you confidence, baby!

The best bottom for this body type: Regular Bottoms

Short Legs: If you want to elongate shorter legs, go for suits with high cuts in the leg! Since you are showing more skin, it will make your gams appear longer. And if you're really brave, go for a thong for optimal lengthening potential.

The best bottom for this body type: High-Cut Bottoms

Tummy issues: Hiding a tummy is actually much easier than most people think. There are so many pretty one-piece swimsuits nowadays that can help to conceal your stomach! Draw attention away from your tum in a swimsuit with sexy cut outs or special upper details. It will help to keep the focus upwards, rather than on your mid-section.

The best swimsuit for this body type: Colony, Kala

Big Hips, Skinny Legs: The key with this body figure combo is balancing out your shoulders and hips. And since you’ve got plenty of hip, pick a suit that gives the illusion of an elongated clavicle. These off-the-shoulder swimsuits will do the trick!

The best swimsuit for this body type: Colony

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