We are living in the age of social media. In this world of exceedingly heavy technological advancement and rapid digitalisation, everything has changed.

Social media creates new possibilities for many people and businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all have a huge impact on our spirit, activity, lifestyle, society, commerce, personal relationships and businesses.

When you look at how social media is a part of our lives today, it’s hard to imagine our everyday life without it. Isn‘t it?!

Some people use social media to share content, some people use it to get inspired, educate themselves, get some tips and information about topics they are interested in, see what their friends are doing or seeking for new friendships or/and relationship possibilities.

In 2019, probably you won‘t be surprised if I say that Instagram and Facebook have key roles in business life. Nowadays it‘s hard (or even impossible) to run a business without having accounts on these platforms.

Fast fashion is one of the industries that is reaping the benefits of social media while the Earth is suffering due to their actions.

Before social media, many consumers would use their fashion items for a longer period, because no one saw it.

And what about today?!

People post weekly, daily or even twice per day so the psychology around wearing that same thing too often has quickly changed.

Social media encourages the mentality that once an outfit or item is shared with the public, it can never be worn again and photographed.

The “only” problem with this new trend is that it F*CKS UP THE PLANET.

Halloooo, wake up people!

Who cares if you have 43543547 pair of shoes while you destroy your own environment?!

But let‘s calm down and see the bigger picture.

Fast fashion retailers are seeing the benefits of that consumers often crave fashion and lifestyle-related digital content that is resulting in people constantly looking for a product to satiate their moment of inspiration.

Fast Fashion brands have learned to fuse the worlds of social media and shopping. They have speeded up their processes because of the consumers that speeded up climate change and plastic pollution at the same time. The faster is fast fashion growing the faster our planet is dying. Simple as that.

Fast fashion retailer Boohoo reported that its profits doubled after paying celebrities to promote its products on Instagram to 16- to 24-year-old fans.

However, there are benefits of using social media as well.

Social media gives you an opportunity to talk about what you know and what you want to be known for. You can inform yourself and others. You can inspire or be inspired. You can influence or be influenced.  

Social media allows you to educate yourself and others.

Social media is a land of new opportunity. There are countless personal and professional benefits of using social media so why don‘t we use it for important causes like saving our planet?

After all, if we don’t take care of our own environment, nothing else matters.

Use the advantage of social media to educate and inspire yourself how to live plastic free, how to eat healthy, how to shop ethical, how to reduce your carbon footprint and then share your knowledge with your audience.

This is how we can build and shape a healthy lifestyle together where nobody has to suffer. Be clever, don’t be part of the crowd!

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